Youtube Cydia Tweak to Add Features to Youtube

YouTube Cydia Tweak to Add Features to YouTube, Enjoy watching music videos on YouTube? The numerous covers done by musicians from around the world? Or are you interested in following your favorite series on YouTube? And how about just ripping off your tummy by laughing at the funny videos on YouTube? Well, you seem to be a heavy YouTube user.


You must be sometimes irritated when you are offline and you cannot watch your YouTube videos on the go. Well, worry not, because YourTube is here at your service! YourTube is a cydia tweak from CocoaNuts, and is a companion tweak for the Google YouTube app that used to ship natively with iOS previously, but now can be downloaded from the AppStore.  It adds some awesome features to the YouTube app. Those are listed below:

  • Download videos
  • Block ads
  • Change the quality of video being streamed
  • Enable AirPlay at all times
  • Unlock region-locked videos

I myself am a heavy YouTube user. The one thing that irritates me during usage is the advertisement display before and during the videos. The beauty of this app is that it hides those advertisements and makes the experience of watching the videos very pleasurable, with the irritating advertisements nowhere to be seen.

Once the tweak is installed, a download button is displayed in the top left of the video, clicking which will prompt you to choose a video quality to download. Once chosen, the video will start downloading, and the video can be watched alongside. It provides us with the option to save the video to the camera roll, or import it to the Videos app, or import just the audio to the Music app. Another great feature of this tweak is that it makes use of WarpCore download accelerator, which uses multiple connections to download the videos faster.

Also, the ability to unlock region-locked videos is a great feature, since there are many occasions when we want to watch a particular video, and the message is displayed that it is not available in our country. Utter irritation! Your iDevice needs to be jailbroken in order to use this tweak. It is available for purchase to new users at $3.99 only.

Great app for YouTube users isn’t it? For more free and useful tips for your iDevice, keep coming back to Evasion Jailbreak

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