iPhone 6 might have a wrap around display – Report

iPhone 6 might have a wrap around display, Till a few years back, when I used to watch a sci-fi movie or read one of Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi novels, all that I could think of the unimaginable technologies being portrayed in the movies and novels was that they would never see the light of day. They would always rest peacefully in their movies and novels. But looking at the latest patents being filed by Apple, be it the fall control mechanism, or the very latest wrap-around displays, my assumptions about future technologies have changed a lot. Companies like Apple might be the pioneers in turning our world into the one that is portrayed by the sci-fi movies and novels.


Apple recently filed a patent for a wrap-around display. It sports a transparent housing and a wrap around display housed within the transparent housing. The screen can display content anywhere on the transparent housing. This is an addition to the sci-fi patents that Apple has been registering lately.

The display is an AMOLED display, notable for its color saturation as compared to the Retina display, which on the other hand is notable for its sharper pixels. This wrap around AMOLED display is also supposed to eliminate the need for any hardware buttons. For many people this might be welcome news, but there are still a large proportion of people who would be quite skeptical about buying a phone that does not sport any hardware button. What if the software goes haywire and you don’t have any option to reset the device using a hardware button? Also, gesture controls are expected to play a major role in this kind of displays.

TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington is quite skeptical about this technology being seen in any of the forthcoming iPhones, at least not in a few models to come. He says,

The technology is probably still a ways off from being economically practical, and the battery demands of a completely wraparound display would also likely be astronomical.

Also, critics believe that companies like Apple are going to concentrate on manufacturing cheaper phones for emerging markets instead of developing new technologies that would increase the price of their phones. The expected sub-$300 iPhone is a fine example.

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