With iOS 8 You can Write More but Type Less – QuickBoard for iOS 8

QuickBoard for iOS 8 will let you write more yet type less, What if you don’t have to type commonly used words, phrases, addresses again and again in your texts from now on in your iPhone. The feature which was not available in iPhone before would be available with new iOS 8 operating system. A Keyboard App called QuickBoard is all set to hit the app store as a third party software for iOS 8 that will change the way you type on your iOS device for ever.


QuickBoard will have three separate Keyboard features MeBoardKeyBoard and LocationBoard, which will allow users to auto select previously saved words, phrases and current location respectively. QuickBoard for iOS 8 will help users to save time from typing their addresses, current location, billing address and signature. The features of this App and how it can save a lot of your typing time explains why it was a smart move by Apple to allow third party keyboard support in iOS 8.

According to the video demo, iOS 8 is going to introduce a separate button for QuickBoard in the text window which when pressed will magically turned the basic keyboard to a multi-purpose, swappable keyboard which will already know what needs to be typed. It was said that it will also come with a separate Location button which will pop up the user’s current location, ready to send to anyone.

Android users are enjoying this kind of 3rd party keyboards available in their store since quite long but it is believed that the new update of iOS 8 will give its users a very smooth and different experience altogether. Quickboard will launch shortly after Apple releases iOS 8 to general public later this year.

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