Will Google Babble be the iMessage and BBM killer?

Will Google Babble be the iMessage and BBM killer, How often do you use iMessage? Well, I use it all the time on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, and even on my iPod Touch. With the seamless integration that it provides among all these devices and also with the other applications on the particular device, it has turned out to be one of Apple’s most useful products lately. No other messaging application can beat the ease with which media can be shared through iMessage. It’s just unparalleled.


Another application that is a forerunner in the messaging war is the Blackberry Messenger. It is indeed fast and easy to use. It can be used anywhere and everywhere, and is of course the sworn by messaging application for Blackberry users.

Both of these have their limitations. Both are of course vendor specific; iMessage is tied up to Apple and BBM is tied up to Blackberry (RIM). So, you can send an iMessage to your friends who have Apple devices only, and BBM messages only to Blackberry users. Another disadvantage of BBM is the mandatory Blackberry Internet Service charge that needs to be coughed up every month in order to use the service.

Google has a lot of messaging applications: Google Talk, Google+ Hangout, Gmail Chat, Chat for Drive, Google Voice etc. Many of them have their own messaging list and some really incompatible features. So, using a unified messaging app from Google has always been a problem. But Google is now planning to bring together all its messaging applications under one application, which will go by the name of Google Babble. It will support audio, video and file transfers across all it’s existing services and provide threaded messages, unifying the services.

But writer Russell Holly says, “In order to use Google’s chat service, especially the new Babble service, you’ll need to be using it the way Google wants you to use it,”

He says,

Babble continues Google’s trend towards organization by conversation. You can share photos in chat windows just like you would in G+ Messenger, start a Hangout with anyone in your contact list, and the conversations are threaded across all the existing services.

Moving forward, the individual services will all be pushed onto the single platform, and you’ll be able to use the same chat window across all of Google’s products with the same features available everywhere. It’s not so much releasing a new product as it is pulling together all of the existing products under a single branding.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that exciting a product though. It’s nothing new, but just a way of using all the existing Google messaging services under a unified platform. Doesn’t seem like an iMessage or BBM killer now, but time will tell. Let’s wait and watch!

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