Two-step verification for your Apple account

Two-step verification for your Apple account, Remember Wired’s Mat Honan’s episode with Apple? The one in which his Apple account was hacked by someone who convinced the Apple representative that he/she was Mat, and consequently his Apple ID password was changed. Apple had to take a lot of public heat for that episode. Hacking of some Internet company and possession of critical data by unscrupulous individuals is not quite uncommon nowadays. Many of you must have been asked recently by Evernote to change your password. It was hacked.


Keeping these in mind, Apple has introduced two-step verification for Apple ID. Google has had two-step verification for quite sometime now. It does secure your account because you cannot just reset your password quite easily. You need to verify it through one of your trusted devices.

In Apple’s two-step verification process, when you need to make changes to you account, or make a new purchase from iTunes or the AppStore, first you need to enter your Apple ID and password as usual. In the second step, a verification code is sent to a trusted device of your’s, which you need to pre-assign. The third step involves entering the received code to verify your identity and complete the sign in process.

The set up for the trusted device can be done at My Apple ID ( The verification code can be received through an SMS or a Find My iPhone notification. You also receive a Recovery Key, which can be used to regain access to your account, if ever needed.

9to5Mac reports,

Two-step verification simplifies and strengthens the security of your account. After you turn it on, there will be no way for anyone to access and manage your account at My Apple ID other than by using your password, verification codes sent your trusted devices, or your Recovery Key. You must be responsible for:

– Remembering your password.

– Keeping your trusted devices physically secure.

– Keeping your Recovery Key in a safe place.

If you lose access to two of these three items at the same time, you could be locked out of your Apple ID account permanently.

Evasion Jailbreak recommends that you make use of the two-step verification process being offered by Apple since hacks and break-ins into the world’s largest technological firms’ databases are a commonplace piece of news nowadays. So, secure your Apple account and have a tension free sleep at night ‘coz your data is protected.

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