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TuTuApp has been the users favorite since its debut last year, TutuApp supports both iOS and Android devices, providing amazing tweaks, apps and games without any jailbreak or root. The Andriod operating system has always been more flexible and hassle-free than the iOS; no two ways about it. Android offers a very high degree of functionality that the iOS users could only dream about. However, unlike the iOS users the Android users do not get a choice to jailbreak their devices. The concept of jailbreaking is practically non-existent in the Android world. Of late, the iOS users are using app installers like TutuApp VIP that helps the, access Cydia apps without jailbreaking their devices. TutuApp is the name of the app but to install games and apps you need to download and install Tutu Helper on your iOS or Android Device. Let’s see how you can download TutuApp Tutu Helper on your Android device with step by step screenshots.

Image : TutuApp for Android Phones


How to Download TutuApp on your Android Phone or Tablet :

  • First off, you need to download the [APK] for TutuApp VIP on your Windows PC or MAC. It’s a zipped file with the JAR format.
  • Unzip the APK and send it to yourself in an email so that you can access it on your android phone or tablet, whatever it is that you are using. Take care not to open the file at this phase.
  • Go to the Settings app of your tablet or phone.
  • Tap on ‘Security’. You need to check the box refer to Unknown Source Options. Otherwise, your phone or tablet would not allow you to download the APK file attached in the email.
  • Open the email app on your phone/tablet and download the APK file that you just sent to yourself.
  • Locate the file on your device and double-tap it to initiate installation.
  • TutuApp VIP is now installed and ready to use. The TutuApp icon would appear on the home screen. Tap on it to get started.

Note : The location of the Unknown Sources option is different from Android device to device. Do search in the settings.

If you are looking for Tutu Helper iOS version then go to the following links.

We strongly advise that you follow these steps very meticulously and don’t avoid any of them or mess with the order. Let us know if you would try TutuApp for Android and your experience with the same in the comments section down below.

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