Turn your iPhone into an AirPlay Audio Receiver

Turn your iPhone into an AirPlay Audio Receiver, Airplay as many of you has already used it is a wireless data connection among iOS devices to share pictures and videos to your Apple TV. Just like any other Apple product this thing has its limitations too, the smart phone company like to keep restrictions on most of their software and hardware products which we all enjoy changing with a Jailbreak. People normally use Airplay to fly out video and audio contents from their iDevies to Apple TV to enjoy it on the bigger screen or with more dimensions.


But there restriction here is that you can stream videos to your iPhone from your iPad or Mac book. This is where Jailbreak and Cydia tweaks comes in to help you out, named as Airfloat the new cydia tweak made its debut as an App in Apple’s app store but soon removed from it by Apple. Later the developer redid the app into a cydia tweak and is now available for download and install. You will of-course need to get your iDevice untethered jailbroken before you can install AirFloat.

The tweak is absolutely free and is open source, the function is exactly what is mentioned, You can stream content among your iDevices without buying an Airport express with the help of AirFloat and an active WiFi connection. To download Airfloat open up Cydia and go to search and type in Airfloat, it is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Once Downloaded and installed you will find the app icon on your home screen, tap on it and you can directly connect to any AirPlay compatible device on the same WiFi network or you can connect to iTunes on your Mac computer. The Steaming will be done in the background which you can work your device to play your favorite game listening to your favorite music over the air.

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