Top 20 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8 Cydia

Top 20 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8 Cydia, The iOS 8 jailbreak was released recently by the Chinese jailbreak team developers who developed Pangu. Ever since, saurik and some other developers who make jailbreak tweaks have been on the job of creating tweaks for all the existing applications as well as for the new features which have come with iOS 8 such as Health app, Apple Pay etc.


If you have already finished with the iOS 8 jailbreak on your iOS 8 device, here are some of the top tweaks that can be used with the software update.

  1. Flux - Users no longer need to keep adjusting their computer’s monitor screen to adapt to the change in outside lighting. Flux tweak automatically makes changes in the color and brightness of your system’s screen depending on whether it is day or nighttime.
  2. Alkaline - Alkaline is an innovative tweak using which the user can choose appropriate themes to be displayed on the screen according to the battery power indicated by the device. If the battery power is full, then it will show a particular theme, and as it reduces, new themes can be chosen to display at certain points.
  3. Status HUD 2 - HUD is the abbreviation for Heads-Up Display. This tweak shows the HUD for volume directly on the status bar of the device.
  4. NoSlowAnimations - You can also increase the speed of the animations on your device using NoSlowAnimations tweak.
  5. Zeppelin - If you are not satisfied with the logo of Apple on the iPhone device, you have the option of making a customized and unique logo of your choice with the Zeppelin tweak.
  6. Winterboard - Using the Winterboard tweak, users can select themes for feature that iOS 8 provides for your device.
  7. Live Battery Indicator - It is a very useful tweak which integrates the percentage of battery power with the status bar indicator of battery power and shows two indicators as one single unit in the form of a circular indicator.
  8. SwipeSelection - Users can choose a text on their gadget simply by making a swipe action with the finger on top of the system’s default keyboard.
  9. iCleaner - The iCleaner is a wonderful tweak which makes sure that your device is always having enough storage space in it by cleaning it up regularly.
  10. DockShift - Customize the dock on your device with the DockShift tweak. You can make changes to the theme, background, size and lots more.
  11. Classic Dock - It alters the way in which the dock occurs on your iOS device.
  12. Bloard - It changes the color of the keys and background of the keyboard on iOS to a darker shade.
  13. Blueboard - It changes the color of the keys of the keyboard to blue.
  14. Bytafont 2- This tweak enables the user to customize their fonts by applying fonts from third-party sources.
  15. Cylinder- Now you can create an animated display even for the simple action of swiping your finger from one page to the other on the home screen.
  16. ShowCase - ShowCase is another tweak exclusively for the iOS keyboard. It automatically changes the letter of the alphabets to lower case or upper case according to the position of the shift key. If the shift key is enabled, then all the letters will appear in upper-case whereas if it is disabled, then all letters will show in lower case.
  17. Classic badges- If you liked the way the notification badges for icons looked like when it was working on iOS 6, then you can reuse this style by downloading the Classic badges tweak which reverts this particular design to the old version.
  18. Flurry - It changes the level of blurring for the notification center, the control center and few other applications which make use of the blur feature.
  19. Mobius - It changes the way your home screen appears when you move from one page to the other. When you swipe your finger, the icons will move in a circular or cyclic manner instead of moving horizontally.
  20. Savegram - Now you save all the images and videos taken using Instagram directly onto the Camera Roll.
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