Top 10 iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone 5

Top 10 iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone 5, Apple started rolling out Beta editions of iOS 7 and recently iOS 7 Beta 2 was launched by Apple. Beta versions are available to developers and normal people too (using Developer’s account) and the testing is in going on full swing. You might have seen the new changes that are soon going to come in your Apple Device and whether you like these changes or not, both the ways you have to accept them. Apple is also going to launch new iOS devices in upcoming months.


The developers who have been testing the Beta versions have shared iOS 7 wallpapers through their twitter accounts. One of the iOS developers, AR7 shared an iOS 7 winter board theme that iOS 6 users can also install on their iPhones. So, today we are sharing with you all the available iOS 7 wallpapers for your iPhone 5. If you are testing Beta versions, you would have chosen the new wallpapers by now, but if you are a normal user and not a Beta tester, save all the wallpapers provided below and enjoy.

Download iOS 7 wallpapers

All the wallpapers which are best suited for your iPhone which come with iOS 7 are shared below. These images are of low resolution. If you wish to download any of these wallpapers, click on the image and then save it in the appropriate folder.

Top 10 iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone 5:


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