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TinyUmbrella is a name that all seasoned jailbreakers are familiar with. It is a tool that used to allow you to downgrade your iPhone or iPad iOS version back to a firmware that was no longer being signed by Apple, which meant we could backwards to when we could jailbreak. Although TinyUmbrella is still in use today, it cannot be used to downgrade at the moment because Apple has patched up the loophole that let it work. However, you can still use the tool to Save SHSH Blobs, which are important for downgrading purposes.

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Properly installed, when a SHSH Blob is saved by TinyUmbrella it is converted to an IPSW file which is then used to downgrade the device back to an iOS version that can be jailbroken, and it does this by pre-signing the IPSW file. However, as we said, we can’t downgrade with TinyUmbrella at the moment although we are assured by the developer that this is being worked on for a future update. You can, and should, start using the tool to save your SHSH blobs now and make sure that you save them every time you update your iOS firmware version.

How to Downgrade with TinyUmbrella :

To begin, you must first download TinyUmbrella onto your computer using the links given below:

How to Save SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella :

  1. Once you have downloaded TinyUmbrella [ext link], the next step is to ensure that Java is installed on your computer. TinyUmbrella will not work without it so download it using the given link if you don’t have it.
  2. Once Java is on your computer you can launch TinyUmbrella tinyumbrella-ios-8-download-1-640x244
  3. Connect your device to your computer and let TinyUmbrella detect it – if it doesn’t, disconnect your device and close down TinyUmbrella; now try again
  4. When your device has been successfully detected, TinyUmbrella will find any valid SHSH blob on your device and will save it automatically tinyumbrella-ios-8-download-0-640x244

Don’t forget; you need to do this every time you update your firmware and TinyUmbrella can only save SHSH blobs or iOS firmware versions that Apple is currently signing – anything older than the latest iOS version will be ignored by the tool.

Start saving your SHSH blobs today in readiness for when TinyUmbrella is updated. We will keep you up to date with all the latest news on TinyUmbrella and the next jailbreak; subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook for instant updates direct to your email inbox.

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