TimeForAlarm: show how much time remains before alarm sounds

Time For Alarm, Recently a jailbreak tweak was launched by the name of Time for Alarm which tells you how much time is remaining for the alarm to turn on. You can get this cydia tweak for free from the ModMyi repository. The tweak is only available for iPhone 5, 4s and 4. With the help of this tweak you can know how much time is remaining for the scheduled alarms in the stock iOS clock.

time for alarm

If you want to change the preference settings you can visit Settings tab and configure it from there. If you don’t want to display the number of seconds remaining you can turn it off with the help of disabling switch present in the Settings Tab. As per my experience I would prefer to disable the second’s countdown as it was a bit weird for me. Rest is up to you if you want to display the seconds remaining or not.

Time for Alarm will provide you a great context when the time will come for your alarm clock to sound. So, you don’t need to do the math and calculate how much time is remaining for the alarm to turn on. It’s automatic now.

iOS 7 Beta editions are already out and if you haven’t tried any of the beta versions you would be happy to know that this kind of feature also exists in iOS 7. There is a little difference in displaying the remaining time in iOS 7 and cydia tweak. The difference is that in iOS 7 you get to see the remaining time on your lock screen rather than stock clock. And I personally think it’s much more useful than displaying the remaining time in stock clock. Let’s wish ModMyi adds this feature to the Time for Alarm too.

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