How to Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

Downgrade-IOS-8-to-iOS-7-iOS-7.1.2-downgrade How to Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2, If you are not interested in iOS 8 or you may have accidentally upgraded to iOS 8 or if you still like the older one because of any reasons then we have some good news for you. You can downgrade from Apple iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 as it […] Continue reading

How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict

AppAddict-for-ios-7 How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict, The disappearance of the cracked app installer install0us that disappeared along with Hackul0us must have come as bad news, but there is good news for those who were disappointed.  The alternative to this is called AppAddict that will help you get paid for apps for free on your […] Continue reading

How to Disable “Trust this Computer” on iOS 7

disable-trust-this-computer-ios-7 How to Disable “Trust this Computer” on iOS 7, Every time an iOS device is connected to a Windows computer, a message asking if you trust the computer keeps popping up regardless of how many times you had previously said yes. Despite the fact that nobody knows why it keeps appearing, whether the issue is with […] Continue reading

How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7

hidden-wallpapers-iOS-7-cydia-tweak How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7, Before apple removes a feature completely, more often they hide it first, and then later phase it out completely. One of the features that they held back on upon release of iOS 7 was the Dynamic wallpapers; this is just one of the few experimental implementations they had […] Continue reading

iOS 7.1 Features Full List

iOS-7.1-features-new-list iOS 7.1 Features Full List, The arrivals of iOS 7.1 comes with a number of changes, in as mush as it is not a full version firmware, a lot of which will be accepted. its predecessor, iOS 7 didn’t attract an overall approval from all. Some even had the opinion that it was not necessary […] Continue reading

How to use Head Gestures in iOS 7

head-gestures-ios-7.1-ios-7 How to use Head Gestures in iOS 7 iPhone iPad, The introduction of iOS 7 has allowed users to control some features of their mobile platforms with just head gestures. This application’s intention is to allow Apple products with iOS such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch more manageable in an old-fashioned but nice manner. Though […] Continue reading

iOS 7.1 Download

iOS-7.1-download iOS 7.1 Download, there is a lot of news and anticipation about the new iOS 7.1 update. The latest news from out sources claims that Apple might release the new iOS 7.1 any day now, Apple’s upcoming  iTunes Festival at SXSW in Austin, that will be used for live streaming of the event requires iOS 7, […] Continue reading

iPhone 5S is the most searched Phone of 2013

iPhone-5s-2013-google-1 iPhone 5S is the most searched Phone of 2013, Google Zeitgeist is a service by the search giant where you can get collective data of what the whole world had been searching in the year concerned. When you check out this years Google Zeitgeist Trends you will not be surprised to see Apple’s latest high-end smart […] Continue reading

Fix WiFi HotSpot Problem on iPhone after iOS 7.0.4 Upgrade

fix-ios-7.0.4-wifi-hotspot-problem Wi-Fi Hotspot Problem in iPhone fixed after iOS 7.0.4 update, iOS7 was released by Apple in September, but as nothing new can be purely perfect, some similar thing happened with the new OS too. Though Apple has always been known as a company who looks after the welfare of the customers and provides them update as […] Continue reading

How To Turn Off iOS 7 Blur Effects

remove-ios-7-blur-effects-animations How To Turn Off iOS 7 Blur Effects, Apple released iOS 7 expecting to bring a sea change in how iPhone users consider the best available features in this regard. In retrospect, this experience of using iOS 7 features is the biggest nightmare for the viewers on an overall. Perhaps, there has been increasing number of […] Continue reading
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