SkyDrive for iOS gets updated to 3.0

SkyDrive for iOS gets updated to 3.0, SkyDrive for iOS, which had not been updated since last year’s June, just got updated. The update brings in a lot of improvements to the SkyDrive client for iOS. First of all, the user interface has got a facelift. It has adopted the blue color scheme and has become simpler to use. The app icon has also been made simpler and it does look better than the old one. It also includes support for the new iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.


One of the best features of this update is that SkyDrive 3.0 uploads and downloads full resolution images to and from the cloud and your device. The image size can also be chosen while downloading and uploading the images. Also, while uploading the images, the metadata remains intact. This is a major and important improvement to the previous version of the app. This update has also improved the opening of SkyDrive files in other apps on your iOS device, as compared to the previous version.

As for the delay in SkyDrive for iOS getting updated is attributed to the issue of revenue sharing problems between Apple and Microsoft. For all iOS apps’ in-app purchases, 30% of the revenues go to Apple. Microsoft was never been very keen to share this revenue with Apple. This problem between the technology giants is said by critics to have delayed the release of this update. But it seems that the problem has not been resolved yet, since there is no facility for in-app purchases in the new update to SkyDrive for iOS.

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