Signal 2 Cydia App to Map your nearby Cell Towers by Planetbeing

Signal 2 is a cydia app that Maps out your nearby Cell towers on a map for you, the App is developed by Planetbeing, a member of Evad3rs team who created the Evasi0n jailbreak and a popular apps and tweak programmer. The Previous version of this app by the name Signal was in cydia for a long time now, this afternoon Planetbeing announced about the update of the app on twitter mentioning that the new version will work with both CDMA and GSM devices to find nearby towers.


The functionality of the app is straight and simple, fist of all it displays a nice and clear map with on map information about the cell tower your iPhone is connected to and all the cell towers in your area and nearby cities. Secondly it gives you a wide rage of signal information which you cannot obtain through iOS itself, like signal strength, signal quality, Ec/N0 of all the towers in your area as well as shows at which frequency the towers are transmitting signal data. It may come as a handy tool for those who needs these kind of information on the go for certain reasons i can’t think of right now but with a price tag of $ 3.99 this cydia tweak can give you a broad picture of your connectivity details about your phone and cell towers in the area.

As far i can think of this tweak can come real handy when travelling to unknown places, if i get signal disturbances and unable to make a proper call i can at least look at the tower locations and move to a better reception area following the map. This can be of great help in many unpleasant situation.

You can download and install the Tweak from ModMyi repo for a small price of $3.99 only.

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