Set Custom Vibrations for Each Contracts

Set Custom Vibrations for Each Contracts, Vibrations are as important as ringtones when you receive a call from someone. In those situations when your iPhone is in silent mode or you left it under your pillow the vibration is the only way possible to sense of an incoming phone call. Like most of your may already know Custom Vibrations was introduced to iPhone with iOS 5 as one of the 200 other new features over iOS 4 firmware. This feature is available in iOS 6 too but very fewer people actually use it to its full potential.


This can help you in may situations, specially when i am on my bike riding in the city i find it disturbing when someone calls and you have to stop the bike on the side of the road, stand up to pull your iPhone from your tight jeans and see a call from your ex you don’t want to talk with. Well we do receive calls from numbers and people who we might not like to receive at that moment or to the light side we can skip them when on a bike or driving. In that situation you can set custom vibrations for only those special numbers or people you can’t skip or ignore. Ya you will say just use a bluetooth hands free, personally i don’t like to wear them inside a helmet.

The feature is available in stock iOS 6.1.2 and doesn’t require a jailbreak, to assign custom vibrations for individual contacts follow the steps below


  • First of all go to SettingsGeneralAccessibilityCustom Vibrations
  • Enable this feature by tapping on the tab to ON.
  • Now you can set custom vibrations on your Contacts, Go to Contacts.
  • Tap to edit a Contact and scroll down
  • Below Ringtone you will find Vibration tap on it
  • You will find a number of preset vibrations you can use one of them or create your own by taping on Create New Vibration
  • On this screen tap and design your own Vibration
  • Give it a name and tap on the Save button

That’s it now you can know who is calling you without taking you iPhone out of your pocket and device you want to pick it or not. Enjoy. Have you used this for any other way, we will love to know – comment below.

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