SERIOUS iOS 8 FLAW – Here is How to Protect Yourself

SERIOUS iOS 8 FLAW – QuickType revealing passwords, One of the new features that can be found on iOS 8, Apple’s new mobile operating system, is the QuickType using which its users can manually type a text or an email at a much faster pace. The QuickType is a software which can predict the text that a user wishes to enter after the first few characters are already typed it. Though this feature is generally considered very useful, one French blog, believes that there is a major defect in this software.


It is learnt that the QuickType can not only help you to type faster but it is also able to gain access to your passwords. One user reported that whenever he tried to use the password ‘AppleUser’ in a certain website, the QuickType changed the password by itself and suggested the user to type ‘OrangeJuice’.

It is a known fact that a user’s password is supposed to be one of the most confidential information in the cyber world. While this feature of QuickType does not literally take the password, it still shows that the application can memorize passwords. It also gives password suggestions based on what has been changed.

Quite naturally, this means that the security of those users who use iOS 8 gets compromised. In a scenario where the user’s iPhone lands in some other person’s hand, they will be able to learn at least half of its owner’s passwords. This is possible through limitless entry to websites with the use of QuickType.

Steps to prevent the QuickType defect

Apple is expected to come out with its own solution for the defect found in its QuickType software. In the meantime, users can avoid the problems caused by this software by turning off the predictive texting feature. For doing this, you have to go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Here you will see the option Predictive which has to be disabled.


Source : Cydia iOS 8 blog

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