Save iOS 7 3G LTE Data Usage By Turning off Cellular data for Specific Apps

Save iOS 7 3G LTE Data Usage By Turning off Cellular data for Specific Apps, With the increasing speed of Internet in 3G and 4G technologies being implemented by cellular companies, the rate plans for data usage are soaring sky-high. Most of the smart phone users are always worried about the battery levels, and often neglect to keep a check on the data usage, and finally end up being surprised with the monthly bills because their cellular network allows only a certain limited amount of data and starts charging without informing them when the limit is crossed.


When connected to a Wi-Fi network, we never care about the data transaction taking place as most of the users either have unlimited plans, or their cost per MB is very low, but while dealing with cellular data, it becomes quite important to keep a check on the same.

Every smart phone has several options which allow a user to control his expenditures by switching off the data usage. But the problem with this option is that it controls the overall data, and when switched off, it would stop all the apps that use internet connection even the critical ones like your email client.

In iOS7, Apple has provided a special feature which allows the users to turn the data connection off for certain apps which surely can help you save a lot of data. Of course these apps would continue to use net connection every time you connect to a Wi-Fi network, but will have restricted usage while dealing with cellular network. If there are apps which you seldom use, or do not use at all, then it’s always a wise decision to turn their data off which would not only help you in limiting your bills, but would even make the battery last longer.

These apps continue to run in the background using cellular data and end up consuming your critical battery and internet. The data here is used for continuous checking for updates; provide useless information to users, and other similar type of actions. To turn connection off for these apps, you simply need to enter the settings menu in your iPhone. After settings, scroll down and click on Cellular Settings. Once done, you will see various options for your data connection. Scroll down and you will see a complete list of apps which need internet usage. From here, just swipe the button in front of the app which you do not need, and the cellular data for that particular app would be shut off. While choosing the app, make sure that you do not put the email clients to off as that would mean that you would not be able to receive emails unless connected with a Wi-Fi.

The point to note here is that even when the connections are off, these apps would still continue to use data whenever a Wi-Fi network is available which certainly is not something you need to bother about. After the job is done, you can simply click on your Home button to exit the menu, and enjoy a tension free service.

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