Ryan Petrich posts screenshot of jailbroken iPod touch running iOS 7

Ryan Petrich posts screenshot of jailbroken iPod touch running iOS 7, a well known iOS hacker-developer, recently twitted a picture on his twitter account which shows his jail broken iPOD Touch running on iOS 7. With the picture being shared by Ryan Petrich, the question being asked most frequently is that if iOS 7 will be jailbroken or not. From the picture, it looked like Ryan’s popular tweak Activator is running on a iPod Touch with iOS 7 installed on it.


We are not even sure if it really proves that iPod Touch is jail broken or not. But by looking at the activator icon present on the home screen, stock application icons present at the dock and flat text coming in the alert box, it pretty much looks like Ryan has jailbroken his iPod Touch running on iOS 7.

Below, I am sharing a photo which I got from Ryan’s twitter account. As I already said that I am not sure is Ryan has jailbroken his iPod touch or not, maybe he is running his activator tweak with the help of some kind of simulator. But on talking with many other sources too, I have found that the alert is not possible to generate in simulator environment.

There are no words regarding the iOS 7 jailbreak till now, as Apple has launched iOS 7 Beta 2 to public and soon is going to launch Beta 3 too. The last time when iOS 6 was launched, people were having the jailbreak solution with them within 24 hours. We don’t know what method Ryan has used to jailbreak his iPod Touch and we can only wait till it is released in the market.

The future of jail breaking is looking bright, as from various sources it is known that evad3rs is having some exploits which are not used by anyone and P0sixninja is working on openjailbreak project.

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