Fix for Chrome Crashing after Update

fix-for-chrome-crash-after-update-logo Fix for Chrome Crashing after Upgrade, Google recently pushed and update for its iOS mobile browser Chrome. A lot of people use Chrome as the default and primary browser on their iOS devices because of its simplicity, speed and features set But right after the recent update Chrome is crashing for many people right after […] Continue reading

Set Custom Vibrations for Each Contracts

set-custom-vibrations-for-individual-contacts-logo Set Custom Vibrations for Each Contracts, Vibrations are as important as ringtones when you receive a call from someone. In those situations when your iPhone is in silent mode or you left it under your pillow the vibration is the only way possible to sense of an incoming phone call. Like most of your may already know […] Continue reading

iPhone 5S Release Date

iphone5s-release-date-august iPhone 5S Release Date, After the grand success of iPhone 5 Apple is all set to debut its next smart phone to the world. The rumors of iPhone 5S or may be iPhone 6 after within 1 week after the release of iPhone 5 with different websites and blogs predicting difference feature sets for the […] Continue reading

Bypass 50MB Download limit for Apps on App Store

bypass-iphone-50mb-download-limit Bypass 50MB Download limit for Apps on App Store, those who tried downloading an app, game or iOS update from the app store over 3G and LTE data connection certainly have seen the message telling This Item is over 50MB and asking you to connect to a WiFi data connection before you can download it […] Continue reading

Evasi0n 1.5.1 Jailbreak Download

evasion-1.5.1-evasi0n-jailbreak-download-links Evasi0n 1.5.1 Jailbreak Download, Evasion untethered jailbreak tool has been upgraded to version 1.5.1 with updated Cydia Packages List. Since its release a month ago the jailbreak tool has been downloaded more than 14 million times and equal number of people has jailbroken their devices including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad […] Continue reading

Turn your iPhone into an AirPlay Audio Receiver

use-iphone-5-as-airplay-device-logo Turn your iPhone into an AirPlay Audio Receiver, Airplay as many of you has already used it is a wireless data connection among iOS devices to share pictures and videos to your Apple TV. Just like any other Apple product this thing has its limitations too, the smart phone company like to keep restrictions on […] Continue reading

Evasion 1.5 Jailbreak Button Grayed out Disabled

evasion-jailbreak-button-disabled-not-working Evasion 1.5 Jailbreak Button Grayed out Disabled is a very common issue faced by evasion untethered jailbreak users which trying to jailbreak their devices. The problem arises when evasi0n jailbreak tool doesn’t recognize you device connected to your computer making the jailbreak impossible. Many have reported that they have performed complete resets and restores but the problem persists. With […] Continue reading

jailbreak evasi0n

Evasion-jailbreak-evasi0n-1.5-download-untethered-jailbreak-logo jailbreak evasi0n, this is the week’s highlights for evasi0n jailbreak. Evasi0n untethered jailbreak has been upgraded to version 1.5 following the release of iOS 6.1.2 firmware. According to Cydia stats there are more than 14 million iOS 6 and above devices jailbroken with evasi0n so far and successfully running Cydia on them. Evasi0n took over […] Continue reading

Customize your Battery Popup Alerts

LowPowerBanner-cydia-tweak-download-free-logo Customizing your Battery Pop up Alerts or banners is made simple using this amazing Cydia tweak. iOS pop ups or banners are very common alerts or notifications that gives us update information or valuable resource related data, although they appear all the time but it seems they appear most when you are busy doing something. […] Continue reading

How to Get Mac OS X Dock on iPhone

activedock-cydia-tweak How to Get Mac OS X Dock on iPhone, if you are a Mac user you might defiantly love the dock. The dock in Mac OS X is one of the main attraction of the amazing operating system. I am an old-time windows user but even since I got my hands on my first mac, I really […] Continue reading
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