Download iOS 7 Beta 2

download-ios-7-beta-2 Download iOS 7 Beta 2, Apple has released iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers, after 2 weeks of the first release. There is no much difference but it appears that the new Beta 2 is not fixing any of the present highlighted issues but is concentrating more on performance and speed part. We are looking for the […] Continue reading

iOS 7 Battery Life – Problems

iOS-7-battery-problem iOS 7 Battery Life Problems, May be it’s too early to start a discussion over this but many have this question – what is the impact on the battery life of the iOS device by the iOS 7. Well the difference can be noticed by the people who have already downloaded the iOS 7 beta version. iOS […] Continue reading

Download iOS 7 Like Control Center Tweak for iOS 6

ios-7-control-center-for-ios-6.1.3-iOS-6.1.2 Download iOS 7 Like Control Center Tweak for iOS 6, When the first iOS 7 was launched apple has used a number of popular jailbreak tweaks as the base of their new features.  Which mean the developers of these tweaks will have to think again about the tweaks for the future. The developers these days are […] Continue reading

iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked for the First Time

iphone_5s_interior iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked for the First Time, Its time for the iPhone 5s to make its way down, Its said that the mass production will be started sometime in July to august and ready to be released very soon after that. Its said curiosity killed the cat but then, who cares?? Even i would love to be […] Continue reading

How to Test iOS 7 Beta Demo on your Web Browser

test-ios-7-on-your-browser How to Test iOS 7 Beta Demo on your Web Browser, iOS7 is old news now. There are  many resources about it that even people who are not interested know the in-depth details about it. Registered Developers already have installed the first beta versions on their iPhone and will be taking a in-depth look at it. […] Continue reading

iPhone WiFi HotSpot Password can be Hacked in 50 Secs

hack-iPhone-wifi-hotspot-password-in-50-seconds iPhone WiFi HotSpot Password can be Hacked in 50 Secs, The personal hotspot feature on the iOS is boasting high on its popularity.  It allows you to create a new network and share your data connection through Wi-Fi allowing devices around it to join in and access the internet. Password authentication is a must to join the […] Continue reading

Download Semi Restore

coolstar-semi-restore-for-ios-5-iOS-6.1.3-ios-6.1.2 Download Semi Restore, CoolStar gets in a new app called Semi Restore,  developed to let the users on IOS5 -6.1.2 to restore their devices back to factory settings without losing their present jailbreak or the possibility to perform a jailbreak in future. Checkout out our video preview of this cool program: Things to keep in mind […] Continue reading

How to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.4 iOS 6.1.3

downgrade-ios-7-ios-6.1.3-ios-6.1.4 How to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.4 iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7 beta is now available for registered Developers from Apple also for those who knows how to get them, well when it comes to new version of iOS we can’t really wait for the public release. We just download the iOS 7 beta IPSW […] Continue reading

iOS 7 Jailbreak Download Links

iOS-7-untethered-jailbreak-download-links iOS 7 Jailbreak Download Links, iOS 7 BETA has been pushed to registered developers after the grand introduction at WWDC 2013. Now this don’t sound too interesting but don’t forget out of all these registered developers some are our well-known jailbreak developers. If you have followed the jailbreak scene in the past couple of days, […] Continue reading

Download iOS 7 Wallpapers for iOS 6 iPhone 5

ios-7-wallpaper-ios-6-iphone-5 Download iOS 7 Wallpapers for iOS 6, as most of you may know Apple released iOS 7 few days back at WWDC 2013 and iOS 7 Beta IPSW is available for download to registered Developers. iOS 7 is  a complete re-design as compared to iOS 6 and earlier versions of iOS, not only that Apple […] Continue reading
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