P0sixninja reveals plans for openjailbreak

P0sixninja reveals plans for openjailbreak, The Apple iOS hacker, Joshua Hill recently posted a tweet with a cryptic message from his twitter account. He said that a lot of amazing things are going to arrive soon and asked the people to even thinking beyond jail breaking their device. Joshua Hill tweeted Ok, I hate redsn0w, I hate sn0wbreeze, and I hate 6.1.3. I’m ready to get this #openjailbreak off the ground.


So, what is openjailbreak now??

When one of the members of iFans spoke to Joshua Hill about open jailbreak he said that openjailbreak is an upcoming project which is managed by Joshua Hill along with his team. He also added that openjailbreak will be an open source jail breaking repository. Hill said that he has been developing jail breaking utilities for iOS devices for quite a long time. His codes and hacks are broken into fragments to generate new utilities and there isn’t any place till now where all the codes are maintained.

With the help of openjailbreak project other hackers-developers will be able to share their views and ideas regarding the hacks and will tell what improvements can be done to make the utilities more reliable for the people. In a way it will lead to an open source jail breaking community. He also added that this is just a small part of an ultimate plan.

Hill has been working on a big project which is not properly known to public. According to hill he had discovered enough exploits in early March from which he could have brought a new jailbreak for iOS devices. Hill contributed to some of most successful jailbreak utilities like Absinthe and Greenp0ison. He has been quite from past few months and god only knows what he is going to do next.

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