New iPhone iPad may come with Week Long Battery Life

New iPhone iPad may come with Week Long Battery Life, There has been a consistent and miraculous progress by Apple every time it releases a new device as it has come up with thinner, lighter and smarter models, but one thing still stands elusive battery life. This makes users being left will good-looking, classy and feature-rich gadgets that cannot keep up the power. This issue might be in the past as Apple has joined forces with Intelligent Energy in an attempt that may see Apple devices such as MacBook keep up power for up to a week.


Reports from the British Tabloid the Daily Mail could mean a revolution towards how the beloved gadgets keep power. The fuel cells have the capability to turn chemical energy to electricity. Though this meeting might well just be on the discussion stages it has the potential to change the digital world.

This technology is not just focused towards keeping devices such as iPhones, iPads and macbooks running longer, it is also eco-friendly. If it were just from the Daily Mail then it would be too good to be true but based on other source such as a US-based informant in touch with the Mail, it is confirmed that Apple is the company to be in partnership with intelligent Energy.

A former employee of Apple, Joe O’Sullivan, is currently the COO at Intelligent Energy, so there could be a chance of such information being cook out of circumstantial evidence. It must be noted that if more light comes out it will be welcome. The Apple MacBook has enjoyed some lease of life from Intel’s Haswell processors found in Ivy Bridge-powered variants. But if Apple and Intelligent Energy join up, this will not be just steps but leaps.

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