New iOS 7 user interface concept

Every time an iOS update is out, speculations are rife about what the next update is going to bring into one of the world’s best selling electronic devices, the iPhone. Just recently came out the iOS 6.1.3 update and the web is being crawled by speculative thoughts of what iOS 7 is going to bring onto the platter, and how is it going to look and feel. As always, videos are already out that show what the new iOS update is going to bring or rather, what people want the new update to bring, and how it should look and feel.


One such person is Mohamed Kerroudj. He has come up with two videos showing the various aesthetics of the new iOS 7 update that he expects it to have. In one of the two videos, he shows a mockup of the lockscreen. This lockscreen has features like a bar having settings toggles for features like Wi-Fi. It also has accessibility to the camera, messaging and calendar apps.

The other video shows more details of the messaging and calendar apps. It also shows a status bar for the Music app, which appears at the top of the iPhone screen. But overall, the look and feel is too Window-ish, especially Windows 8. Have you tried it already? No? Please do try it, and you will see that Mohamed Kerroudj’s videos borrow heavily from the looks and functionalities of Windows 8. But again, it all depends on the perspective of the viewer. Some might see them as breakthrough and unique, whereas others might find them to be heavily borrowed from.

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