New iOS 7 Concept with Flat Icons

New iOS 7 Concept with Flat Icons, well guys this is much more realistic concept of iOS 7 out of all the ones we have witnessed so far. This current concept comes after the announcement by Jony Ives, stating that iOS 7 will lose its signature 3D look and will be redesigned into a new stylish and flattened design. The following concept design is made by Simply Zesty and you can view the concept video at the end of this post.


The main points to notice in this new concept are the much more cleaner GUI, well Apple’s iOS is already one of the most clean and clear GUI other there but this one adds much more simplicity and diligence into it. The notification center gets a refreshing new look, the stock apps are giving me a more metro style like look with new flat icons.

The concept adds some cool animations to the notifications center, this looks tempting but as we all know these are all virtual concepts that people are hoping for to see in the new iOS 7, as it has been already rumored that iOS 7 will be complete new redesign of iOS since it’s debut in 2007. Apple’s WWDC is all set to showcase next month in which they will be revealing new iOS 7 along with new version of Mac OS X, which will be released to developers soon.

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