New iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Bypass Bug

iOS Lock Screen Bypass bug is not a completely new name as we saw another flaw back in 2011 which let anyone to bypass your iPad’s lock screen by using a smart cover. The new exploit discovered by a YouTube user and soon went viral on the media is not as┬ástrait-forward as the old one, this new exploit involves calling and immediately canceling an emergency call and then holding down the sleep button for two times.

Using this exploit anyone with good or bad intentions can bypass your lock code screen of your device and have complete access to your personal stuff like photos, FaceTime and iMessage. While this is also clear that this flaw needs to make an emergency call as a part of the exploit will not be effective on devices that lack the calling feature likes of iPads and iPod touches.

Do you have this bug? Well yes till Apple debug it with a new version of iOS, as of now you can test the flaw by

  • Press the Home button of your iPhone to wake it up
  • Slide to Unlock the slider
  • Tap on Emergency Call Button
  • Press and hold the sleep button till your see the Power off slider
  • Tap on the Cancel Button
  • When the status bar turns blue, type in 911 and press the call button
  • Then immediately press the cancel button to end the call
  • Now lock your iPhone by pressing the sleep button
  • Again press the Home button to wake it up and slide to unlock.
  • Press and hold the Sleep button after 3 seconds tap on the emergency call button. that’s it.

You can now easily access multiple iPhone apps like call list, iMessage , FaceTime and many more.

As of now there is no FIX for this issue, but we have news that a new version of iOS is about to come that will carry the fix for iOS exchange bug hopefully this issue will be addresses in this upcoming iOS release. This page will be updated with latest news on this topic as they come out.

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