New Features in Safari – OSX Yosemite

New Features in Safari, After the preview in June, Apple is expected to launch OS X Yosemite to the public this month to following developer’s previews and beta. One major part that has received upgrade is Safari Web Browser that comes with a lot of changes besides just a new design. Below are the main features in update before the release.



OS X Yosemite receives a new design that is similar to that of iOS 7. Safari now has a flatter bezel, color brightness enhanced, thin outline buttons, course translucent navigation bar and tool bars.

Less cluttered toolbar

The same goal of redesigning iOS 7 to uphold content and enhance screen has been achieved in iOS Yosemite. Toolbar found in Safari is slimmer and less cluttered giving you the ability to see more of the webpage being viewed.

Favorite Sites

The same way as in iOS 8, clicking inside the Safari address bar enables a grid of your favorite sites and their favicons. These will sync to your iPad from the iPhone so adding them on iOS enables them on OS X Yosemite automatically.

New Tab view

The view tabs in OS X have been made much more organized and useful in OS X Yosemite by putting them in a grid, grouped according to websites. It appears the same way as tabs on iPad. To access the view simply click the button on the top right.The same way as in iOS 8, it is now possible for you to view iCloud tabs open by other devices.

Spotlight Suggestions

This is also an iOS 8 feature that has found its way into the Safari on OS X Yosemite. As you begin to type query in the search/ address bar you are now able to see suggestions for excerpts from sites such as Wikipedia, Bing, Maps, news, and iTunes.

Faster and Energy Efficient

The Safari java script engine has been changed to enhance performance and easily bring up websites. Safari energy is also now better allowing you to watch Netflix for over two hours.

WebGL Support

WebGL is used for rendering 3D graphics in browsers, good part is it is now enabled on Firefox and Chrome. The better part is that it is now also supported by Safari allowing web developers come up with better graphic apps such as games without plug-ins.

Private Browsing per Window

You can now create a private browsing sessions for every window with safari in OS X Yosemite. This means in one window you can browse normally and in another you create a private session.

DuckDuckGo support

The use of this search engine has been enabled by Apple along with Google and Bing. It is best known to keep the users privacy without tracking their activities and locations.

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