How to use the new Camera features in iOS 8

How to use the new Camera features in iOS 8, iOS 8 has number of new features that are interesting and fun that do come with camera and photo app. Below is a guide to these features and how they are used.


1. Time-lapse mode

This feature is set to give your camera a whole new experience. To record a video select the time-lapse mode by swiping on the screen and this allows you to record scenes as long as you want. Once the recording has been stopped, the recording is speed up to create time-lapse by the app. This is approximately 10 to 12 times faster. The videos are organized by the camera app in an album known as time-lapse so it is easy to find them.

2. Different controls for focus and exposure

Before iOS 8, setting exposure meant you set focus as well; this is now different as you get different controls for each in the camera app. To do so tap to focus just like with iOS 7, you should get a brightness scale, this is the exposure control. Dragging your finger along makes images brighter or darker. This separation is available in time-lapse, slo-mo, video and photo modes.

3. Self-Timer

The camera app now has a self-timer. This is set by tapping on the icon found at the top. Timer can be set to 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Once you tap on the shutter the countdown will be available on the screen.

4. New features for editing Photos

The Photos app comes with a lot of new features that make it possible to edit photos. It is now easier to straighten, enhance blue skies among other tricks.

5. Favourite Photo

With iOS 8 it is now easy to choose favourite photos for easy access. Tap inside a photo and select the heart icon down at the bottom. This adds the photo to your favourite album.

Hide your photos

iOS 8 enables your photos to be hidden. Tap then hold on a photo, collections among others to be hidden, select hide by tapping as this will hide the photo. This feature is quite puzzling as the hiding is only from Moments, Collections and Years view. The photo can still be seen in Albums yet there is an album known as Hidden. This may not be the way for someone looking for away to hide photos completely.

7. Recover Deleted photos

If you accidentally delete photos, it now possible to recover them; the photos are temporarily deleted in iOS 8 as they are sent to the recently deleted photos for 30 days before they are done away with permanently.

8. Third Party Filters

The photo app from Apple has had photo filters for a while but still most people prefer third party editing apps such as instagram, VSCO cam among others. iOS 8 enables the use of filters of these apps within the photo apps with the help of the extensibility framework. For instance instagram is able to have its interface come up within the Photos app enabling you to use your favourite filters without going through many apps. Look out for more updates on this feature.

9. Photo Search

iOS 8 finally comes with a search button for photos app that enables you to get photos with dates, time or place or album by just tapping. However you must first enable the location service of the camera app to enjoy this. When typing suggestions do come up along with recently searched making your search easier. Enjoy these features as more updates on the will be coming.

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