Microsoft Bringing Age Of Empires To iOS And Android

Microsoft Bringing Age Of Empires To iOS And Android, Apple iStore and Android Google Play Store are becoming main attractions of people for mobile gaming. Most of the big games are transferred into mobile games and are now available for your iOS and Android devices. There are still some games which are not available for mobile phones but soon you will be able to play them on your Android as well as Apple devices.


Microsoft was previously having its own policy/rule of not bringing their games on mobile platform but this policy is about to take a turn soon as per provided statement to Polygon. Microsoft is soon going to launch its first ever game on iOS and Android platform which will be is “Age of Empires”. Microsoft is planning to launch the game by the end of next month, so Age of Empires enthusiasts have to wait for short time only.

Age of Empires is a kind of classic game which will fit best into Windows Mobile phone, but majority of enthusiasts will definitely blend into the game in no time. There are a lot of game developers out there developing awesome games for our mobile devices, but with Microsoft coming in the same field things are going to get better only for the gamers. Microsoft said to polygon that they are not having any plans on bringing any more games for mobile phones as of now, but it Age of Empire is a success they can think about new additions to the app and play stores.

Age of Empires will not be coming for Windows Phone anytime soon but in near future it will be available to Windows Mobile users too. So, if you were a die-hard Age of Empires Fan get charged to have the same experience on your iOS and Android devices soon.

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