Make your iPhone’s unlock animation livelier with LiveWire

Make your iPhone’s unlock animation livelier with LiveWire, We can understand that there might be times when you are quite bored of the unlock animation on your iPhone. There might also be times that you wished that your iPhone’s unlock animation was as cool as that of some other phones. When you are sitting at a bar with your friends, your friend get a call on her phone and the way the phone gets unlocked just makes you more jealous. Well, those times are gone. If you have an iPhone and your phone is jailbroken, then there will rarely be an occasion when you will have to get jealous of the features of your friends’ phones. A jailbroken iPhone is far better than any other phone on the face of this Earth. There isn’t possibly any feature that has not been added to the iPhone’s tweak repositories by jailbreak tweak developers. Just name the feature, and you can easily find one or the other tweak in Cydia that fulfills your need.


A new tweak available in Cydia is called LiveWire. It makes your iPhone’s unlock screen animation something that is better than the stock iPhone unlock animation and maybe, it is better than that of many other phones available. Instead of the zoom out effect that is there in the stock iPhone unlock animation, LiveWire unlocks your iPhone in a way as if curtains are being opened in a theater. It just zings up your iPhone. While locking the iPhone also, LiveWire animates the screen in such a way that it ends with the entire screen finally going into a dot. It is just amazing.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then this is a tweak that you definitely need to try out. It is available for free in Cydia from the BigBoss repository.

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