List of best apps for iPhone 5

List of best apps for iPhone 5, Bought an iPhone5? Have Jailbroken it too? Great! Now it is time to load your iPhone 5 with some killer apps to turn it into the technological monster that it is.


The Evasion Jailbreak team has compiled a list of the best Cydia apps and tweaks available for your iPhone 5.

1)   NowNow – Do you like Google Voice more than Siri? Then this is the app for you!

2)   FolderEnhancer – It lets you create folders within folders and add folders to the dock, It also lets you have up to 320 icons in each folder.

3)   FullForce for iPhone – Do you have some apps that do not fit well on the taller display of your iPhone 5? Yes? Then this is the tweak for you. You can download it for a meager sum of just $1.

4)   Zephyr – It makes swiping between apps easier. It costs $5 and also allows manipulating the gestures on your iPhone.

5)   Auxo – It is an application switcher that shows live apps for switching, rather than app icons. It also allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen. It has toggles for various settings including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It costs $1.99.

6)   Stride – Always feel jealous of the way Android users unlock their phones by drawing patterns? Don’t be anymore. This app allows you to do the same on your iPhone. It costs $3

7)   MyWi – This tweak lets you share your iPhone’s data connection using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. It is a little costly though. It costs $20

8)   iFile – This app allows you to see and work with the internal filing system of your iPhone. It costs $4

9)   Springtomize 2 – This is a very useful app, especially for people who like to change the look and functionality of their iPhones. It contains a lot of tweaks like hide the carrier name, add more apps to the dock and much more. It costs $2.99 only.

10) 3G Unrestrictor - Costing $4, it lets you use Wi-Fi only apps over your cellular data service. E.g., Facetime.

All these Cydia tweaks, paid or free are available in Cydia for you to download and install. Just search for them using Search tap on Cydia. A little advice, stay away from iOS 6.1.3, there is no Jailbreak available for it as of now.

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