Leaked iPhone 6 Logic Board Claims Built-In NFC and WiFi 802.11AC

Leaked iPhone 6 Logic Board Claims Built-In NFC and WiFi 802.11 AC, As many rumors are to believed Apple’s new iPhone 6 is just around the corner. iPhone 6 is the new Smart Phone from Apple which was expected to release last but to everyone’s surprise Apple release iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 6 leaks and rumors are wildly running all over the internet and according to sources the iPhone 6 Production line is in full swing. Here is a new leak of the iPhone 6 that claims to be its logic board.


When it comes to cutting edge technology Apple is the global leader is implementing new technologies into their device before any other company even think of using it and this time is no different, according to the leaked Logic board of iPhone 6, this new smart phone will come with advanced WiFi technology and also gives us clear indication of a built-in NFC feature.

Although NFC is not new to the mobile market all high-end android device comes with built-in NFC which stands of Near Field Communication, non of the previous Apple Mobile phones has one. So, it can be said that iPhone 6 will be the first iOS device to have NFC, but is NFC is such a big deal? well we leave that to you let us know in the comments below.


The leaked images of the iPhone 6 logic board, is seems to be from the 4.7 inch model and we do have news about the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 but there not much of a physical leaks and rumors about it. One of our sources told us that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 may be re-scheduled for next year and there are no updates of its released this September.

Talking about the device iPhone 6 will most likely look like a phone version of iPad Air, having similar curvy body and other physical properties. Anyway, the we can be sure about the final product only when Apple release it this September, we will keep you updated on every news till its release. Stay tuned or I can say stay subscribed.

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