Launch Camera App From A Running Application on Your iPhone

Launch Camera App From A Running Application on Your iPhone, any smart phone user specially the iPhone 5 can say that the camera is one of those apps that we use very frequently. iOS 6 even simplified the process of starting the camera app by adding a shortcut on the lock screen, which clearly shows how important the camera app is. Many big photo sharing websites like instagram and pinterest are doing great because of the in built camera app of modern smart phones, specially the iPhone and iPod. Imagine a iPhone without a camera, will you buy it? i don’t think so.


With all said, think of a situation when you saw something very interesting and want to take a snap as soon as possible and you were paying your favorite game or working on another app, you have to close the app go back to your home screen and tap on the camera app and by that time the interesting something might be over, well that is where cydia tweaks comes in. Jailbreak gives you access to Cydia and its countless tweaks that always comes to your rescue on every problem you have on your iOS device. To run the camera very quickly and from anyone we have the cydia tweak named InstantCamera, well the name says everything, this is one of the latest tweaks in cydia that aims at the photographer or a daily user who doesn’t want to miss a single snap.

InstantCamera lets you start the camera app right within any app or game without even existing the current running application, the tweak achieves this by hooking itself to the activator library by Ryan Petrich, which allows users to set custom gestures to run specific applications. The tweak will not have any icon on the home screen all you need to do is go to and specify a gesture to run the camera app. Now at it all about running the camera app by using the gesture from anywhere on your iOS device.

That’s not all the Tweak does takes you out of your current app straight to the camera app but when you are done taking the images and close the camera app, the tweak you prompt you to return to your previous app right where you left it. InstantCamera package is available in the bigBoss repo of cydia for a small fee of $1.00 only, it will work on any Jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 6 and above.

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