iCloud hacked Celebrity Photo Leaked – FBI and Apple Investigating

iCloud hacked Celebrity Photo Leaked,  when it comes to security and reliability Apple is one of the most trusted in the industry today. Apps like Find My iPhone has made most of the Apple Devices very secure and almost impossible for a thief to steal one. But Recently things changed when some people successfully breached the iCloud security to get access to some very sensitive private photos.


Hollywood Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, April Lavigne, Mary Winstead and Kate Upton has made it clear that some sensitive photos and videos of them undressing  have surfaced online which seems most likely taken from iCloud accounts of the celebrities. However, there are no signs of unauthorised access to the accounts but the celebrities has confirmed that the images are real and they has recently deleted them from their accounts.

Now one thing is clear that someone unauthorised gained access to the accounts, but one thing is not clear yet and that is if the celebrities had deleted the images and videos from their account a while ago, how come some got access to it now, were the leaked images and videos stored somewhere even after they were deleted from the accounts. Nothing can be said exactly as the case is still under investigation but one thing is sure there are a lot of explanation to be given.

The Hack seems to be carried out by a Python Script which came to the scene a couple of days ago on GitHub, which uses a loop-hole in the Find My iPhone service of iCloud to gain unauthorised access and leaked the images and videos of the celebrities. The Script uses a technique known as brute force attack, which basically means that the script will make unlimited guesses of the possible password of the account until the correct one is found.

Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI are involved the investigation and now have revealed significant progress in the situation. However it was confirmed that the vulnerability has been fixed by Apple. For Security make sure that you have a complex password for your account, brute force attacks cannot hack and see your password, it is just a process of inputting commonly used password guesses. If lucky one of them will work, so having a complex password will always makes it next to impossible for brute force to hack into your account. Also if you have two-step verification, do turn it on. For more security tips and up to date information on iPhone and other critical security updates don’t forget to subscribe to us. Use the form below to subscribe via E-mail.



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