iWatch will be Powered by iOS

After revolutionizing the Computer, Music and later the Phone industry by introducing ground breaking products to the market, Apple is all set to do the same with the watch market. Gone will be the old days of plain old wrist watches and say hello to iWatch, According to Oliver Chen, Citigroup Analyst the Wrist watch market stands on 60% profit margin where the television market only on 15% margin.  Apple is all about classy and over the world products and huge profit attached to it and the watch industry is about to experience that same.


The iWatch has been in news for a long time now and now is the time we saw some moment from Apple’s site, Apple recently filled more than 79 different patent applications that pertains a devices or features of a device that can be worn on ones wrist, last month we came to know that Apple has a large number of designers working on the product, Apple is pushing the limit to release the product to the world as soon as possible.

As said, Apple don’t just make a product they change the whole picture of the previous devices in the particular industry as well as the upcoming ones. The iWatch will not be your regular watch, it will be powered by the world’s most powerful mobile operating system iOS and will have ground breaking features, may be we can jailbreak it. A calling feature will be inappropriate for a watch but it may be wirelessly connected to the iPhone on your pocket and you will get notifications and call alerts even without taking your phone out. It will be of great help when driving or riding a bike, you don’t need to pull out the phone just to see who is calling, just look at your watch.

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