Is it Safe to Leave your iPhone Charging Overnight?

Is it Safe to Leave your iPhone Charging Overnight, a full day charge is what we all look after when buying a phone specially the smart phones which are known for using up a  lot of the battery juice while providing out of this world features. In our busy and tight schedule we hardly get enough time to charge our mobile phones at day time, i am sure most of your like me charge your phone at night when we are back from office and relaxing. Well, that is all fine till now, the quest here is – Will it be safe to leave the phone charging overnight if we forget to remove it from the charger. Are we doing any damage to the battery or does it improves the battery life after-all.


Most of the smartphones these days comes with a lithium-ion battery with varying power, some of them are removable while some are fixed like that of the iPhone. Which ever way the battery is, they are all expensive. Lets go in-depth of the battery charging procedure. The battery in your smart phone charges in two different modes, first the quick charge mode – in this mode the battery charges up quickly to 80% in just 2 hours and then it goes into tickle mode which charges the rest 20% in a slow speed and takes almost 3 to 4 hours to fully charge up.

Battery Charge Cycles

Do you know your battery has a definite number of recharge cycles, which depends on the type of battery and counts to not less than a couple of thousands of cycles for each battery. So, charging the battery overnight will ripoff few of the charge cycles from your battery life. But the smart phone has a defense mechanism to stop the battery from over charging, when your battery is fully charged the phone shuts off the charging. But this is not perfect practically, when your phone shuts off the charging your phone goes into standby mode which starts sucking up the battery, when the battery level lowers from 100% the charging starts. This will be a never-ending loop whole night for your phone and battery.

Battery life

Never leave your battery full all the night, once a month your should let your battery drain off all its charge. The battery contains chemicals that holds electric charge, if they are not refreshed now or then they trends to lose their charge holding capacity. So, guys now your know it is really a very bad idea to keep your phone charging whole night, this causes serious damages to your battery.

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