iPhone WiFi HotSpot Password can be Hacked in 50 Secs

iPhone WiFi HotSpot Password can be Hacked in 50 Secs, The personal hotspot feature on the iOS is boasting high on its popularity.  It allows you to create a new network and share your data connection through Wi-Fi allowing devices around it to join in and access the internet. Password authentication is a must to join the network, which the iOS generates automatically.


However the auto generated passwords are not strong enough to stand for the attacks of a hacker. In other words, a kid who is into hacking and pro stuffs could break into your network with some bit smart hardware and brute attacks. The auto generated passwords are a random mixtures of numbers and alphabets which make sure all the created networks (hotspots) have different passwords. The generated combination can be cracked via counter applications or ways to  generate the same. Previously the methods used to crack these passwords took sometime to hit the bull’s eye. With the developments in reverse engineering cracking a hotspot password could be just seconds away..

Saying all that, there is no need to be afraid of, Breaking passwords is not a child’s play. People sometimes boast about breaking passwords or getting access to sensitive information and stuffs around. Such people on the internet or the geek world, are called KIDS. And 50% of the time, kids remain just kids..
Its less likely that an average person will be able to do it. The bottom line is use your own custom password. off course  a mixture of some stuffs.
For example  the password for my Swiss bank account which has over a million dollars  is “MyCatNo.7isactuallyadog”. Well, not really!

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