iPhone Mini with 4 inch Screen and 5 Colors Priced $350

iPhone Mini with 4 inch Screen and 5 Colors Priced $350Brain White the Apple analyst has said that the new budget iPhone which will be launched by Apple will come with the name tag of iPhone Mini. He said that there is no specific date of launch of the device but it can be launched any moment. Brian White told us about some of the specifications that he knows about iPhone Mini. He said that the new budget iPhone will come with a 4-inch display screen. The body of the device is made using plastic and it is a little thicker than the iPhone 5. The iPhone Mini will be available to people in 5 different colors and all borders of the phone will be curved and not edgy. The new iPhone will cost people between $350- $400.  This will make iPhone Mini nearly 50% cheaper than the iPhone 5.


There are many rumors that are going around regarding the budget iPhone in previous days. It was predicted in April that Apple will launch the handset in July, 2013. Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently announced while showcasing iOS 7 at an event that Apple will not be bringing any new products to the market by the end of this year. As per Morgan Stanley, he thinks that Apple can bring at least 3% increase in their share market by brining budget iPhone or iPhone Mini in the market. China has the maximum number of mobile phone consumers in the entire world. Android has acquired more than 50% of the mobile market in China. Apple yet has to bring their smartphones in China and if they bring their device budget iPhone in China, it will definitely help in expanding the business of the company globally.

Budget iPhone will definitely be a success in those areas where people are not buying iPhone because of their high prices. This gap of loosing market shares can be improved by launching iPhone Mini in those areas.

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