iPhone 6 With Holographic Display – Concept

iPhone 6 With Holographic Display, As it is expected by many Apple is all set to release their latest gadget, iPhone 6 sometime this year. Speculations have been all over citing what we could possibly see when the release finally arrives. There has been no official information from Apple though, and all these talks can only be termed as mere speculations.


We have seen different designs from diverse designers who are all hard at work giving us ideas on what to expect, some with reasonable concepts other not really convincing. The latest concept being that iPhone 6 is should come with a Holographic display.

SET solutions has it that iPhone 6 will come with a holographic display that is able to beam either from the right or from the left side of the screen. This enables the device to display more than one page at a given time. As an example this enables social media fans to view Facebook, Myspace and twitter simultaneously.

It is expected that the gadget will release with a screen that is large, what is thought to be approximately between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches. If the display is holographic, it will extremely boost the output.

The chances of Apple using such technology in an iPhone is slim unfortunately. But it should be note that with the modern advancement in technology, the concept is not something that can’t be attained. Before the release of iPhone 5 in 2012, it was said by Fox News that it would incorporate some concepts of holographic display. Though it did not come as expected the concept still remains alive.

This idea stands out as one of those nice ones we haven’t experience in some time. Eventually The real thing will be out at some point and facts will definitely be separated from fictions as usual.

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