iPhone 6 with Edge to Edge Screen Concept

As the Apple’s product launching event is nearing day by day we are getting new concepts and design specifications about the upcoming iPhone, last week we posted about a possible iPhone 5S which is already in production line according to our sources. Now we are hearing news about iPhone 6, we don’t know yet if iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 is the same device Apple is making but this new iPhone 6 concept looks amazing. Martin Hajek, 3D artist, designed this 4.6 inch display iPhone 6 with edge to edge screen with all the other basic features of iPhone, like Aluminum body with black and silver backing. iPhone 5S is said to have wireless charging but it is not clear if iPhone 6 will get that feature or not.

iPhone6-Blanc-Studio-02 iPhone6-iPhonePlus-Studio-02 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-001 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-002 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-003 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-004 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-006 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-007 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-008 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-009

Just like this Concept many other iPhone 6 Concept designs has removed the Home button, which is thoughtful because Apple is working on a fingerprint reading technology what may be incorporated in the touch digitizer itself and will work both as an authenticating mechanism and the home button. Ditching the Home button also makes a lot of room for a bigger screen and added technology under the hood. To add spice to the story if you remember before the release of Apple Maps we saw how Apple acquired the 3D map making company and used the technology in their App, similarly last year Apple Acquired Sensor Developing company Authentec for a sum of $356 million. There is a huge reason for this step and this reason most probably is the iPhone 6. Anyways, what do you think about the new iPhone 6 concept, will be it able to leave a mark on the face of this planet? Let us know in the comments below.

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