iPhone 6 to be Costly due to Expensive Sapphire Screen

iPhone 6 to be Costly due to Expensive Sapphire Screen, Confirmations have been made that Apple has entered a deal with GT Advanced for the reason of making components made of sapphire. In order top ensure a long time sapphire supply, Apple bought a number of furnaces worth more than half a billion dollars. Apple has already been making use of Sapphire on its iSight camera lens and touch ID sensor.  As stated in recent reports, production of sapphire is on going in Mesa, showing this is not a small production.


A speculation going around claim 5.5” iPhone 6 is to have a screen made of sapphire as opposed to the usual Corning Gorilla glass. Nevertheless a statement on a Chinese micro-blog Weibo claims there is a rise in the price of sapphire and this could be a hindrance on production in a wider scale. The report has it that word from sources of supply say the use of thin layer of sapphire on iPhone 6 display could go through reduction due to the high prices. Specifically the report notes that there will be just 10 million of the sapphire displays made for iPhone 6 ever.

A single screen is said to cost $280 which will subsequently lead to rise in the cost of iPhone 6. The prices could be as high as $1285 in china. In comparison currently iPhone 5 is available off contract for $85o for 16 GB type and almost $850 for 64GB type. The cost of producing the screen at $280 is more that of all other parts put together. As soon as the plant gets to full scale manufacturing it will increase production between 100 and 200 million screens.

Another insight is that Apple is in negotiations with carriers to see if the price of iPhone 6 can go up by $100. This means that the price on contract for 2 years will be $299 and not $199. A research carried out showed that about 40% are willing to pay the extra.

According to the head analyst at KGI securities, Ming Chi-Kuo,sapphire is to be reserved for the 64 GB iPhone 6 5.5model. The release of the 4.7” mode is set for September while the bigger on would wait till early next year. The expected delay is as a result of issues of fitting in the ultra slim battery. Reports say that the delays are due to issues with fitting in an ultra slim battery.

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