iPhone 6 to be called iPhone Air

iPhone 6 to be called iPhone Air, Apple is all set to release the next batch of Smart Phones at their special event later this year. iPhone 6 and another bigger version of iPhone is in the rumors. According to our sources there will be two new iPhone this year as well just like last year, only this year they will be of different sizes.


Rumor has it, this year iPhone will be released in two different screen sizes one with 4.7 inch display while the other is proposed to be 5.5 inch respectively. The bigger version of the iPhone is said to be named as iPhone Air, as far we can understand there will be two devices as rumored one will be iPhone 6 and the other iPhone Air.

iPhone 6 will be sporting an A8 64bit chip with 1GB of Ram running on iOS 8 and an upgraded camera system while iPhone Air will have a similar A8 64bit processor with 2GB of Ram and possibly 3D camera system also running iOS 8.


As far design is concerned the iPhone 6 will have the standard and classy iPhone metal look which remains unchanged since iPhone 4 but we may not see the antenna lines as we do in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, iPhone Air will inherit its design blueprint from the very popular iPad Air. The curved edges and smoothed out corners.

To put some light on the rumored iPhones, there are professionally made cases for the proposed devices are already available on Amazon from well known iPhone case maker Spigen. These new cases comes in variety of colors for both the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 as well as the 5.5 iPhone Air.


What do you think about the new iPhones and which one you are more interested to buy, leave us a comment below. We will be hosting a give away soon.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 6 to be called iPhone Air

  1. Donald Barra says:

    I’m really jazzed about the coming new iphones. ‘Can’t wait to see the ipone 6, but I may just end up with the iphone Air (as long as it’s not in the $800-1000 range). HOWEVER, future Apple purchases will be dependent on giving me the capability to change the basic system font to a thicker, black font instead of the totally unreadable gray font in current use. As a 70 year old all-Apple family man, I am going blind FASTER trying to read this current system font. Repeated calls to Apple have yielded no committments to this.

  2. I thought you mentioned; it would be borderless!