iPhone 6 Specifications

iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked, Whenever there is a big thing just around the corner, rumors seem to be on the rise. Not taking your position into consideration they will never cease. Speculations remain glued throughout the internet with everyone trying their best to speak about what next big thing the likes of Apple and Samsung would bring.


In case apple maintains traditions and does its unofficial release,then it’s in order to expect an announcement just about early September. As the blogger Sonny Dickson claims to have knowledge about what will unfold, he becomes the latest to attempt to unfold these mysteries of the iPhone 6. Famous for both extremes of being accurate and missing out completely, his focus is pegged on the yet to be release iPhone 6.

The current iPhone 5 boasts a thickness of 0.30 inches, but it is suspected that what is to become its successor, iPhone 6 would cut down further on that. As he states through his twitter stream, Dickson says iPhone 6 will cut down to 0.22 inches. This is the first of his claims shared with the world focusing on its physical size. At this rate, the next attempt might just be to make a flexible version.

He further says that the yet to be release iPhone 6 will have an ultra-Retina Screen. According to Dickson the screen would have a pixels-per-inch of 389. It is not stated though how this will be accomplished, whether by increase of screen size or not, but this can easily be the most anticipated feature from Apple this time round.


Seeming rather unconvincing with his next tweets, Sonny Dickson’s shift focus to the inner parts of iPhone 6, straying away from size. The current iPhone 5 has a CPU model of A7 chip that works well at a speed of 1.7 GHz. This is to be replaced by a much faster one in iPhone 6. Dickson states that it is to be upgraded to a faster version A8 running at 2.6 GHz. At that speed and power, it would take a lot to keep cool.

We are set to hear more rumors and more leaks that would either be consistent with Dickson, or go contrary to his position. Until that time that Apple will set out and tell us what’s in store.

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