iPhone 6 – Everything you need to know

iPhone 6 Facts What to Expect and Everything you need to know, Since its first release, iPhone has always captivated the world. With every edition comes change in the manner in which users communicate with each other. Arguably, one of the best additions was the app store. This has enabled almost anyone to create an application that the whole world can use.


Two new sizes

The standard iPhone 6 size is 4.7 inches tall, the larger version is at 5.5 inches. Critics have it that Apple is following after what Samsung does to its latest smartphones in terms of size. This may be true but the larger version is able to hold off the new Samsung galaxy 5.


Colour range

Following in the footsteps of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 will come in different colours ranging from black, silver to the Champaign gold that millions queue to get their hands on. This has been another area that Apple has demonstrated its strength as compared to competitors such as android and Samsung.

Processor power and speed

iPhone 6 will come with a  new A8 chip that will boost speed and processing power. This is an advantage to lovers of games. Samsung is known for getting it right when it comes to speed, but iPhone 6 will give galaxy a scare in terms of processing power.



You think iPhone 5 is slim? Think again! The brand new device is set to come at a reduced size in terms of size that is sleek! The larger 5.5 inch version is expected to be the slimmest. Again in this area, Apple has been able to fend off competitors such as Samsung whose devices have been considered clunky.

Release date

There is no official release date communicated by apple but it is clear it will be this fall. A lot of experts seem to agree on the 9 September date. True as it may seem that means the new iPhone 6 device is just around the corner! One thing is for sure, the new device will cause a lot of movement in the technological world as millions will be trying to get their hands on the device.

Value for money

It is clear that the new device will cost a fortune, but compared to the speed it brings it is worth it. It is rumoured to cost around $859 for the 16 GB version, and $989 for the 32 GB version in the US. Are you excited about the new iPhone 6, we know you are tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Are you getting the iPhone 6 or not.

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