iPhone 6 Sent into Space – Survives Tests

It is not uncommon to come across several weird experiments being done on various gadgets, the most recent one being the crazy experiment done on the iPhone 6, which seems to have been dispatched to space in order to demonstrate one of its important features.


As most of you would have understood, Apple’s iPhone 6 was not sent to the outer space in its bare form. Instead, it was given ample protection with the help of a strong ‘composite case’ by Urban Armor Gear. These cases have been given high ratings as far as protection of electronic gadgets is concerned.

The iPhone 6 was dispatched to the outer space with the help of a weather balloon. The entire process has been captured by making use of some GoPro camera devices. It also consisted of a GPS locator which would have been useful in the event of the iPhone disappearing while coming back to Earth.

Once the iPhone 6 attained a distance of 101,000 feet from the level of the ground, the gadget needed to deal with the severe speed of the wind at 70 miles per hour, while even the temperature came drastically down to -79 degrees F. Once the iPhone 6 detected these harsh climatic environments, it automatically began to control itself downwards in order to reach safer conditions as these smartphones do not have the capability to resist such temperatures.

The exciting discovery here is that the iPhone 6 did manage to reach back to Earth without any damage done to the device. Although its return trip was quite bumpy, the Urban Armor Gear case was successful in protecting the gadget’s outer parts smoothly.

In case you are wondering whether the gadget was working after landing, then the answer is that it worked perfectly just as a normal iPhone 6 would work. The basic conclusion is that users are recommended to make use of the composite case from Urban Armor Gear in case they wish to explore the outer space.

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