iPhone 6 RAM Capacity Revealed

iPhone 6 RAM Capacity Revealed, With rumors that the new iPhone 6 from Apple is all set to released next month expectations are high among the iPhone lovers. iPhone 6 RAM is one of the most talked about aspect of the rumored smart phone. Today’s leak is about the specification of the iPhone 6 revealed that iPhone 6 may come equipped with a 1 GB RAM module chip instead of an expected 2GB or higher. Making its RAM equal to that of iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.


Geekbar, an Apple repair firm based in China claims that according ┬áto the leaked schematic chart of the iPhone 6 from an internal source in the supply chain of Apple. But are not sure is that information is about the 4.7 inch screen version of the iPhone 6 or the 5.5 inch screen version of iPhone. 1 GB of RAM in iPhone 6 doesn’t sounds to be a surprise to the Apple community because since iPhone 5 Apple has not considered increasing the RAM of its iPhone due to some reason I am not sure about. It may be because of the tight hardware integration of its devices or something else. But Apple should consider the fact that most of the other offering in the Smart Phone market from other competitors comes with high RAM chips and Consumers always like highest possible for the money spent.


But that is not all, if you look at the leaked iPhone 6 Schematic, it makes references to DDR and NAND, which makes it very likely that it may be referring to flash memory instead of the DRAM embedded inside the A8 Chip. Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone next month in a special event on September 9 but nothing official is available at this moment. We are also not clear if Apple will release only the 4.7 inch version of iPhone 6 or the 5.5 inch version or Both. If you remember last month we had rumors that 5.5 inch iPhone released date has been pushed to next year. But we will all know what Apple has to offer in less than one month if the rumors are true. Don’t forget to subscribe to us via Email, Facebook or twitter to stay tuned with all the news about iPhone 6 and the Latest iOS 8 Jailbreak.

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