iPhone 6 Price List Leaked

iPhone 6 Price List Leaked, Until now it seems that all rumour related to iPhone 6 come from electronic wholesale stores in china that deal in parts. These rumours do not only contain these leaks but also show pictures. But Today’s leak is something different, it is about the Price of iPhone 6. Price is the most important factor in any consumer phone, this decides if the Phone will fit out pockets or not.


 With Apple all set to release iPhone 6 on September 9th 2014 in the special event, here is the price list you all have been waiting for, iPhone 6 4.7 inch will be available in three capacities of memory 16GB version will cost you $ 859 while the 32 GB model will sell for $ 989 and 64 GB variant for $1119. Rumors has it that there will be another iPhone releasing on the same day, named as iPhone 6 Air or iPhone 6L sporting a 5.5 inch Retina display, 16 GB model of this beast will cost you $1022 and the 32 GB one for $1152 while the 64GB model will go for $1249 respectively.

Speaking about rumors, another amazing one is the speaker assembly that also seems redesigned, though from the look any changes on the size cannot be determined. Besides the speaker, insight is also offered related to vibration motor and large power adapter for European region.

This leak is orchestrated by Elkworld that is based in china, that has put such parts for sale in anticipation of the upcoming iPhone 6 release next month. This dealer company is located in the same region in china (Huaqiangbei electronics) as the Foxconn which is Apples main manufacturer. This gives the rumour some level of validity and trust.

Combined with others is a guarantee that Apple is coming up with some hardware changes prior to September release as they are planning to remove ‘s’ version and make it a complete hardware overhaul same as what was done in iPhone 5. Given that almost all the leaks show massive changes it is possible that the next iPhone will have its inner parts being unique from the others.

It must be noted that it is difficult to know exactly what Apple has in the A8 chip device besides it being faster than the A7 used in iPhone 5s. It is also hard to know which leaks are for either 4.7-inch or the wider 5.5-inch. There is light at the end of the tunnel though as September is almost here and all shall be revealed.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Price List Leaked

  1. I really, REALLY hope the leaked prices are a product of someone’s imagination. If the new prices are even in the ball park, I will not be sporting a new Apple device. Considering Apple’s nest egg of cash, they could follow the Japanese pricing model of a lower price and even GREATER market share.

  2. for those prices might as well get a mac book air and run VOIP