iPhone 6 Plus is better than iPhone 6 – Here is How

iPhone 6 Plus is better than iPhone 6, Apple Released iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 in September special event earlier this month and just like previous iPhone releases iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are huge hits and Apple claims to have sold 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the opening weekend. With two year contract the new iPhones are well prices and are within the reach of every iPhone lover to upgrade or buy a new one but the problem is which one to choose, even through iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are two variants of the same phone but iPhone 6 Plus got some serious advantages, here we list some of the extra features that you will get if you go with an iPhone 6 Plus.

Large Screen


The first and the foremost difference is the Screen size, iPhone 6 Plus is huge – it is a delight for the big screen lovers like me, i always dreamed of a big screen phone with the simplicity and awesomeness of an iPhone and iOS. And this time Apple answers it with the iPhone 6 Plus. If you love big screens you should definitely go with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Split Screen


Taking advantage of the large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has introduced Split Screen functionality to iOS 8. When you turn the phone into landscape mode, iOS 8 takes splits the apps to a more iPad like view giving you full access to the App, which is not possible in iPhone 6 plus or any earlier version of iPhone. This features will help you do your work in a much faster way by reducing the time to swipe back and for between App screens.

Extended Keyboards


This one is one of my favorite feature of the iPhone 6 Plus, the large screen leaves a lot of extra space on both sides of the virtual keyboard, and Apple used iOS 8 to proper utilize the space to make our work simple. Instead of increasing the size of the keyboard, Apple introduced new dedicated Keys in the keyboard for specific tasks like, Copy – Cut – Paste now have dedicated buttons on the keyboard, no tap and hold to bring up the copy menu.

Tab View in Safari

Like the tab view of Safari on your mac, now iOS 8 comes with a new tab view for iPhone 6 Plus, while in landscape mode you can switch to the tab view by pinch gesture and swipe across your tabs.

Full HD Videos

Apple are calling it Retina HD, if you have used an iPhone before you might have already know that Apple Retina display is one of the best displays in the world, in iPhone, tablets and even in laptops. Now Apple introduced Retina HD, it is the next version of Retina display and has already been tested by independent testers and researchers as the best display in mobile device in the world. iPhone 6 Plus comes with a Full HD Retina HD display, so enjoying your full HD videos on this gorgeous display will be dreamily.

Landscape mode in Home Screen

Having a big screen means users will be using it in landscape mode a lot, may be for watching movies or YouTube videos. So, iPhone 6 Plus home screen in Landscape mode gets a complete new look. While in landscape mode your App icons will rotate to match the orientation as you have seen in iPads. This lets you use the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode more precisely.

More Pages in Folders

In landscape view iPhone 6 Plus can show you more pages in your folders, up to 12 additional apps in a single view.

Optical Stabilization


This may be one of the most important reason apart from the big screen why i went with the iPhone 6 Plus, using data from the gyroscope the Camera module of iPhone 6 Plus move in all directions to reduce the shakes while takes a photo to shooting a video. This is not the traditional Optical Stabilization found in other mobile devices, this mechanism is used in high-end DSLRs for shake free photos and videos.

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