iPhone 6 Jailbreak

iPhone 6 Jailbreak, The latest excitement in the Apple world is regarding the anticipated release of a jailbreak utility for iPhone 6. The Cupertino Company first released its latest mobile operating system, the iOS 8, after which both the latest handsets, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched. Both the handsets provide many additional features. At present, iOS 8 users are eagerly waiting to install a new jailbreak on their devices.


Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are different from the older models in its size and shape. They are much more slender and larger than its previous ones. While the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is even bigger at 5.5 inches.

To make things more exciting, both the handsets support iOS 8, which provides many new features such as the Apply Pay, Touch ID sensor and HealthKit, to name a few. Nevertheless, it cannot be overlooked that some of these features seem to directly come using Cydia.

Additional features of iOS 8 and iPhone 6

Some of the features which were already available to jailbreakers using Cydia are QuickReply, third-party keyboards and interactive notifications. While all these features were restricted to older iOS devices, Apple has decided to allow unlimited access to them in iOS 8.

It must also be mentioned that there is an exception made here by the company. The above applications do not give full functionality as is available in the jailbreak versions. This gives ample reason for developers to yet make another jailbreak so that users can access applications with its complete functions. Moreover, the Touch ID sensor feature has been updated in iOS 8, which makes it yet another additional feature along with some others like HealthKit, HandOff etc.

iPhone 6 Jailbreak

The ETA for iPhone 6 Jailbreak is within November and with two independent and successful Jailbreak developer teams are working on it, the Jailbreak for iPhone 6 is certain to release very soon. Evasion jailbreak and Pangu Jailbreak are already testing beta versions of the iPhone 6 Jailbreak and according to our sources they are busy testing security before the public release.

Cydia for iOS 8

As we already know, two jailbreak teams, Pangu and Evad3rs, are working on building a jailbreak utility for iOS 8. Sources report that Pangu seems to be on the verge of accomplishing the task, but it is still expected that the new jailbreak will release only by the end of the year. The release of iOS 8, iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus can give rise to some really exciting applications on Cydia. Follow our website for more information on iOS 8 jailbreak.

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