iPhone 6 – Full Feature List

iPhone 6 – Full Feature List, well it’s that time of the year when we talk about the latest iPhone. iPhone 6 is the most talked about phone in the market right now, with the increasing feature rumours and expert analysis we round-up some of the expected features in the new iPhone from Apple.

Screen Size

According to our secret sources iPhone 6 is said to be releasing in two variants, one of them to host a 4.5 inch display and the other will be 5.5 inch display. This will be first time Apple rumoured to be working on a large screen iPhone, earlier all the iPhones had in round 4 inch for better one hand usability. The two variant concept from Apple can be seen in the last iPhone launch when they released two versions of the iPhone, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S targeting two different group of customers. The iPhone 5C for the young colourful teens and the iPhone 5S for serious power users.


Form Factor

According to reports that both the variants of the iPhone 6 will have an ultra slim form factor, some even claimed that the new iPhone 6 will be just 6 millimetres thick. While that iPhone 5S is 7.6 mm thick and the iPhone 5C being 8.97 mm thick, iPhone 6 will put a new standard in the zero figure mobile market. Out of all the components of an iPhone or any other mobile device the Battery takes up the most space and size, to achieve the form factor of iPhone 6, the battery will be spread over a wider area or it may be modulated and placed in different locations within the casing like they do inside the Macbook Air.


Camera / Image sensor

If you are active in the social media, you might have seen the comparison between iPhone 5S camera with a wider aperture and the Nokia 1020, the results shows that the iPhone 5S camera wins in most of the cases. With that being said, the good news here is that the iPhone 6 Camera will be even better. Rumours has it, iPhone 6 will sport a 8 megapixel camera. Yes i know, that doesn’t sound too innovative but the real show stopper is the technology in the camera assembly. Recent parent filing by Apple suggests a superior physical optical stabilisation technology to be used in the iPhone 6.


Well, everything feature in useless if the mobile phone doesn’t come with a processor powerful enough to handle all the stock tasks and features and still retain enough juice to run third-party apps flawlessly. iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with an A8 Chip, the successor of the 64 bit masterpiece A7 chip that came with the iPhone 5S. Apart from this iPhone 6 will also have an improved PowerVR GPU that promises a speed boost of about 50 percent. The RAM will be 2GB.

Screen Protection – Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass, 2.5 times stronger, scratch resistance and durable than Gorilla Glass. Apple is all pushing the manufacturing of sapphire glass in their facilities to be used in the iPhone 6. The main issue people face with their iPhones is cracked screens, with the use of Sapphire glass it is believed to decrease the issues to a great level. Apart from that it is also rumoured that the Sapphire glass will act as a solar wireless charger, imagine your phone recharging while you work on it in the sunlight.

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  1. You guys are awesome at jailbreaks and stuff. How come you never came up with an easy unlock feature since you know how to get inside Apples OS? Since we know all phones have the ability to be unlocked.