iPhone 6 Fans Already Lining up in front of Apple Stores

iPhone 6 fans already lining up a week before Apple releases it, It seems some Apple lovers just cannot wait any longer to have their hands upon the new device. A photo was taken on Wednesday by twitter user Dan Benton showing a line already beginning to grow just outside the flagship store that belongs to Apple in New York.


This Tuesday Apple is set to unveil a new product in the name of iPhone 6. With reference to last year, if the device is launched on 9 September then it will be available on 19th as it was last year when iPhone 5S and 5C became available 10 days after the launch.

Devices that the new iPhone is set to compete with include Smartphone from Samsung, such as the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy S5, HTC One and others. All these come with mobile wallet features and screen sizes that are larger. These new iPhones will also have similar features built in them. They will have their screens enlarged from that of iPhone 5’s 4 inches to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. The larger version is expected to have a shatter and scratch proof screen made of sapphire as opposed to Gorilla glass.

There is also plenty of rumour in regards to Apples first wearable device which is widely speculated to be called iWatch. Until now the real this has been highly made secret, but rumour has it that it will incorporate Apples HealthKit technology for monitoring health along with other features.

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One thought on “iPhone 6 Fans Already Lining up in front of Apple Stores

  1. unbelievable … 1 week before the event … and who knows how long they will have to wait after the event for the day if selling the iPhone 6 :) … and I read that some ppl take there complete leave if 2.5 weeks only to be there … only to get a mobile gadget … on the first day … still unbelievable